Together with my team,
I explore the dynamics of  leadership, innovation and design. 

My studies and collaborations leverage three perspectives:
A focus on people, organizations and businesses.
An interest on meaningfulness as a driver of value.
A familiarity with technology and an appetite for application besides theory.


Innovation is at a turning point. The theory of Disruptive Innovation has been developed in the '90s, IDEO's Design Thinking video is from 1999, and Open Innovation is from the early 2000s. The world has changed dramatically since then. But innovation frameworks have remained mostly unchanged. How to innovate in our new world? My explorations of the next frontiers in innovation.

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How the world of management is profoundly changing in the era of digital transformation: the convergence between Leadership,  Innovation and Design.

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Design is becoming a "must have": widespread and diffused. How can you make a difference in a world where everyone is using designs? My investigations on the most unique design strategies: those that bring design at the core of business transformation; those that create meaning in life. 

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