The Labs

My first source of inspiration is my team of researchers-consultants. I have the lucky chance to be in a journey with companions with whom I share values, aspirations, intent, and daily work.

Leadin’Lab is the Laboratory for LEAdership Design and Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano, where about 20 people conduct research, education, and consulting, and coordinates two research platforms: IDeaLs on leadership and dt4b on design thinking for business.

The Garden, is the Center for Design and Leadership, at Stockholm School of Economics. At The Garden scholars, students and leaders are engaged to nurture a new art of leadership, inspired by design. 

The Circle

My second source of inspiration are outstanding thought leaders that I have been fortunate to meet, work and enjoy time with. They support me, challenge me, provide me with opportunities to grow. With their multidisciplinary background, they often help me to see what I'm unable to see. 

Marco Iansiti, Harvard Business School, Alan MacCormack, Harvard Business School, Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School, Steve Prokesch, Harvard Business Press, Don Norman, Director, Design Lab at University of California, San Diego, Abraham (Rami) Shani, California Polytechnic State University, Rob Austin, Ivey Business School, Jim Utterback, MIT Sloan School of Management, Luis Dambra, IAE Business School, Buenos Aires, Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, Institute for Communication, Aalborg University, Denmark, Daved Berry, Professor of Creative Organization Studies, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, Yaegashi Kazaru, Ritsumeikan University, Japan, Alf Steinar Saetre, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Ezio Manzini, Politecnico di Milano, School of Design, Francesco Zurlo, Politecnico di Milano, School of Design, Anna Meroni, Politecnico di Milano, School of Design, Cabirio Cautela, Politecnico di Milano, School of Design, Paolo Landoni, Politecnico di Torino, Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo, Paul Gardien, Philips, Valter Pieracciani, Chairman, Pieracciani, São Paulo, Brazil, Gianluca Loparco, Head of Deloitte Digital Transformation, Italy, Naiara Altuna, IBM Interactive Experience, Marco Fregonese, VinHood, Massimo Mercati, Aboca, Alberto Bigi, Sorgenia, Joseph Press, Center fo Creative Leadership, François Jégou, Strategic Design Scenarios, Brussels, Christian Bason, CEO, Danish Design Center, Copenhagen, Nicki Morley, Brand Dynamics, UK, Rob Chatfield, Open Innovation Manager, Unilever, UK, Anna Wróblewska, Metaphor, Poland, Carlo Magistretti, Sobha, Dubai, Diane Shane, Business Model Inc. Taiwan, Hiroyuki Anzai, De Tales, Milan-Tokyo,  Ross Pearce, Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand, Gerhard Vorster, Managing Director of Quidni Advisory, Patron Good Design Australia, Luis Allo, Johnson & Johnson.

The Organizations

My third source of inspirations are the people and organization we have been working with. We believe that, in management, great research does not happen in vitro. It comes only by working with organizations in real application projects; by engaging ourselves with pioneering leaders; by supporting them to achieve results that will make them and their teams grow.

It's only by immersing in different organizations, and then reflect, that we can develop better understanding and help others for real.  

We have been collaborating with large and small businesses, in product and service industries, in business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets, for profit and not for profit.

We also support policy makers and institutions to develop meaningful policies for innovation, research and design. 

Unilever      P&G   •   Gillette   •   Braun   •   L’Oreal Paris   •   Astra Zeneca      Johnson & Johnson      Bracco      Sintetica   •   Aboca   •   Nestlè   •   illy   •   Barilla      Mutti   •.  Eckes-Granini   •.  Ambev   •   Perfetti Van Melle      Kraft   •.  Philips   •.  Whirpool   •.  B&B Italia      Vox   •.  Masco   •.  Bticino      Vimar      Nice      Ferrari      Ducati      Porsche      FCA      Alfa Romeo      Pirelli   •.  ACI      Ferretti Group   •.  Moleskine   •.  Adidas   •.  Gucci   •.  Prada   •. Zappos    Apoteca Natura      Lotte Corporation      Coop   •.  Sisal   •.  La Feltrinelli   •.  Vodafone   •.  Tim   •.  SkyNews Corp.   •.  SanSan   •.  Alidays   •. MSC Cruises   •.  Edmond de Rotschild   •.  Apple   •.  Samsung   •.  Acer   •.  HP   •.  Panasonic   •.  Intuit   •.  Adobe   •.  Microsoft   •.  Oracle   •.  NTT Data   •. Sas Institute   •.  DassaultSystémes   •   Deloitte   •.  BCG   •.  Pwc   •.  Accenture   •.  Ernst & Young   •.  IBM   •.  Ericsson   •.  STMicroelectronics   •.  RS components    Bausch & Lomb     Millken     Corning     FujiFilm   •.  Vitec   •.  Solvay Solexis   •.  Sasol   •.  Stolt Tankers   •.  STEF   •.  Vibram   •.  3M     Tetra Pak   •   Sorgenia   •.  Eni   •.  Edison   •.  Prysmian   •. Bonfiglioli   •.  Leonardo   •.  Airbus   •.  SEA Airports   •.  SEA Airports   • . Comau   • . ABB Robotics   •.  Tattile   •.  Techint   •.  Aurecon   •.  ARUP   •.  AON   •.  Minter Ellison   •.  Saes Group   •.  Center for Creative Leadership   •.  Danish Design Cemter   •.  OECD   •.  EuropeanCommission