Design is meaning 

Design is becoming widespread and diffused. 

How can you make a difference in a world where everyone is using designs?

My investigations on the most unique design strategies: those that bring design at the core of business transformation; those that create meaning in life.

How Leadership can be Inspired by Design?

The Garden - Center for Design and Leadership

At the Stockholm School of Economics, together with Mattia Bianchi, we are bringing design into a new frontier: the space of leadership, organisational transformation, and the purpose of the firm.

We believe that traditional leadership models are unsuitable to address the pressing challenges of our new world. And that design can provide a path towards the new art of leadership. 

The Garden is a space where leaders, students, scholars of different disciplines join forces to reinvent leadership at its roots, inspired by Design. 

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What is the landscape of Design Thinking?

The observatories "Design Thinking for Business".

dt4b (Design Thinking for Business) is a global research platform created as the international reference point for everyone interested in Design Thinking. It provides practitioners and scholars a yearly map of where Design Thinking is going, its diffusion in businesses, its emerging practices, who is doing what, and why.

The observatory has three focuses: the users of Design Thinking (i.e. the organisations that use Design Thinking to create business value), the providers of Design Thinking (consulting organisations), the start-ups (that create new Design Thinking tools).

dt4b is a joint initiative of Politecnico di Milano, Stockholm School of Economics, TU Delft, Reykjavik University, Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Imperial College.  

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How to create experiences that people love?

Gifting people with meaningful products.

One thing is to improve a product or to solve a problem better. Another thing is to design an experience that people truly love.

How to create meaningful innovations that delight customers? How to create products and services that are so distinct and so inevitable that make people passionate?

I start to explore this question in the book Design-Driven Innovation. The book shows the most unique and successful Design strategies that creates sustained value. And it illustrates how Design can make a difference in this context where everyone is using it (and especially, where everyone is using it in very similar ways). My latest book Overcrowded then moves to the plan of action, providing methods and tools to create experiences that people love.

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How can design bring wealth to regions?

Design policies

Regions and countries wonder about how to leverage the power of design to deliver sustainable growth.

I support governments in creating policies that promote, support and measure the value of design. And to use design to address complex socio-economic challenges. An example is my participation to the European Design Innovation Leadership Board, that has developed the first design policy for the European Commission.

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