We are researcher-consultants.

Our mission is to advance the frontier of knowledge
by developing the most advanced and proven tools
for leadership and innovation.  


Great research does not happen in vitro.

It comes only by engaging in application projects 

with pioneering leaders.

We act in a continuous circle:
we learn from the most advanced organizations →  
build new theory →
confront our assumptions with other scholars → 
develop and test unique tools → 
apply them in our consulting projects → 
learn and start the cycle again
thus constantly advancing our frameworks and tools.



... to inspire and get inspired.

If you are searching for inspiration, reflection and motivation at your event please send a mail here →


Books and Publications.

... to understand and reflect deeper.

Some of my writings are part of a scientific dialog with other scholars. Other writings (like my books and my articles on the Harvard Business Review) are conceived to support leaders in their projects and growth.

Please check here for the books and here for the articles.


Learning Programs.

... to try and grow, in your own case.

We deliver workshops, educational programs, mentoring and coaching tailored to your specific needs. We start from your purpose and context, and design a path with the proper content, format (problem-driven, project-driven, case-based, peer learning, inspirational journeys), and timing (from ½ day speed up seminars, to intense workshops, up to long term programs alternating focused sessions with longitudinal coaching). Our pedagogy help you and your team to get inspired, experience unique tools in a real setting, learn, get immediate actionable results and grow.

If you are interested in our learning programs please contact us here → 


Consulting Projects.

... to innovate and transform your organization.

We support you and your team in your innovation journey. We provide the tools and guidance to take the best actions, in the different moments of your project: from finding the right direction, to conceiving the right solution, from organizational transformation to implementation.

Our consulting is deeply rooted in our research. Which means we provide you with the most advanced and unique paths, proven in a solid foundation.

Our advice and methods have supported large and small organizations in different industries and contexts. See here for an overview of the organizations that have collaborated with us.

If you are searching for support in you innovation journey please contact us here →


Digital Tools.

... to nurture innovation, whenever, wherever.

With the support of Deloitte Digital, we are embedding our vision design tools into a digital application. Wisionest enables organizations to be effective when starting an innovation journey. Combined with the support of a team of consultants, Wisionest provides a step-by-step process, the tools to be used in each step, and the shared data platform.

In particular, Wisionest enables you to:

  • Assess how your organization is aligned towards a direction, how meaningful is this direction, and when there is a need for change
  • Set up a project that will enable your organization to find a direction that is more meaningful in your new context.
  • Engage the right team in this project.
  • Pick the best innovation tools for your specific journey (you can tap in the most updated array of tools that we keep developing).
  • Guide the team step by step towards a shared meaningful direction for your innovation journey.
  • Find external experts who can provide complementary perspectives and make your new direction stronger.
  • Communicate and engage the entire organization around the new direction.
  • Track progress and achievement of targets.
  • Constantly improve and adapt your direction, after the project completed, as you learn along the way and the environment changes.
  • Support learning and personal growth of you and your team, so that you build new skills, behavior and methods.

Wisionest empower you and your team to move into action. Whenever. Wherever. In an effective and engaging way.

If you want to know more about Wisionest, please contact us here →.



... to "know where" in a changing landscape

We live in a moment of rapid transformation. Our permanent observatories help you to have a clear picture of the most important trends in innovation. 

In this moment we are building two new observatories:

Our observatories provide you with a map of the landscape, "who is doing what", what are the new trends and tools, what is the diffusion of new practices; in your industry and in other inspiring contexts. A special section is dedicated to the impact of the digital transformation on Design Thinking and Leadership.

Explore more →


Participate to our research.

... to move the frontier, with a human foothold

Politecnico di Milano is one of the oldest and largest technical Universities in the world. It blends a strive for technological advancements with a deep ground in the meaning of life, fed by a local culture rooted in the humanities.

Our laboratory Leadin'Lab, at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, is nurtured in this environment.

As we conduct research and work with new organizations we are continuously exposed to novel challenges. we keep improving our tools and developing new ones. 

If you wish to know more about how this array of tools is growing or if you would like to inquire us about specific novel challenges of your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome opportunities to explore, improve, share our learning.

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