Design is meaning 

How to create experiences that people love?

Gifting people with meaningful products.

The design narrative of the last decade advocated innovation processes that start from the user. Yet, most studies demonstrate that breakthrough innovation does not come from users. As for gifts: people do note fall in love for something they asked for; the fall in love for something that is more than what they would expect.  How to create radical innovations that delight customers? How to create products and services that are so distinct from those that dominate the market and so inevitable that make people passionate? I started to explore this question in the book Design-Driven Innovation. My latest book Overcrowded moves to the plan of action, providing methods and tools. 

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How can your design strategy make a difference in a world where everyone is using design?

From Design Thinking to Design-Driven Innovation

Design Thinking is becoming widespread as an effective method for problem solving. To the point that is becoming standard practice even for management consulting. How can Design make a difference when everyone is using it (and especially, when everyone is using it in very similar ways)? I explore alternative successful strategies to use Design and create competitive advantage.

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